Saturday, August 23, 2008

Modern Pop Percussion

Fill my being
Expand my horizons and bring forth
ever expanding glimpses into the void
the void that is my "soul"
the event horizon
witnessed only from a peak where you can see
what Eratosthenes already knew to be true

Qu'est ce qu'il y a?
Ca ne fait rien.
Qu'est ce quise passe?
Je n'ai aucune idee.
Je suis fatigue.
J'ai faim.
J'ai soif.
J'ai chuad.
J'ai froid.
Je m'ennuie.
Ca n'est egal.
Ne t'en fais pas.
J'ai oublie.
Je dois y aller.

Digging my lawn

Toru Takemitsu (Played by Jim O'Rourke) - Tokyo Realization

(2006) Toru Takemitsu (Played by Jim O'Rourke) - Tokyo Realization / 197 VBR
(aka 'Translate Takemitsu')

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Japanese-only release of two performances of Toru Takemitsu's 1962 composition "Corona", performed by Jim O'Rourke. "Toru Takemitsu (1931-1996) was a self-taught Japanese composer who combined elements of Eastern and Western music and philosophy to create a unique sound world. Some of his early influences were the sonorities of Debussy, and Messiaen's use of nature imagery and modal scales. There is a certain influence of Webern in Takemitsu's use of silence, and Cage in his compositional philosophy, but his overall style is uniquely his own. Takemitsu believed in music as a means of ordering or contextualizing everyday sound in order to make it meaningful or comprehensible. His philosophy of "sound as life" lay behind his incorporation of natural sounds, as well as his desire to juxtapose and reconcile opposing elements such as Orient and Occident, sound and silence, and tradition and innovation. From the beginning, Takemitsu wrote highly experimental music involving improvisation, graphic notation, unusual combinations of instruments and recorded sounds. The result is music of great beauty and originality. It is usually slowly paced and quiet, but also capable of great intensity. The variety, quantity and consistency of Takemitsu's output are remarkable considering that he never worked within any kind of conventional framework or genre. In addition to the several hundred independent works of music, he scored over ninety films and published twenty books."-Steven Coburn, All Music

1. Corona for Pianist(s) Written by Toru Takemitsu: Tokyo Realizaton 1 (26:19)
2. Corona for Pianist(s) Written by Toru Takemitsu: Tokyo Realizaton 2 (25:05)

Tim Hecker - Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star

Jesu And Eluvium Split (2007)

Friday, August 22, 2008


Spanish Psych/funk masterpiece. Concept album about the planets of our solar system(minus earth). Your new favorite album.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


wrapped around my ear
screamed at me
tried to suck out of my mind where I was
was stuck to my head and jabbered
until I said "The person you have reached is not a working person."
"He has been changed and is temporarly connected. Please, hang yourself up."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The communists were the first to reach the Molar System

Working downtown you see everyone. Not everyone such as everyone you know, but everyone. Every type of person there is to see.

I work down by the hospital. One of many in the junk capital of the east. Lots of sights to see. You see, I work making espresso and sandwiches. I make a little money here and there. Don't need to much to live. It seems to be something I have in common with the cats at the hospital. It's not patients though, you see, it's the Docs and snobby medical students who act like their parents are cushioning the whole experience for them. I'm sure they are. Just a guess. No, this is about the people on the street. The exuberant security guards. The janitors who dig the jazz I play and tell me that when it's slow it's because there's no horn singing. Their sad but hopefully eyes show a long existence in probably a similar condition. Not where they want to be but content with it none the less. The faces down MLK blvd. Cold even in the hottest sun. Eyes with such a contrast between the red ring around them and the brilliant whites of their sclera. The streets and sidewalks are cracked like an armored division rolled through there not too long ago. Never to be repaired. The state ignores this part of the city despite it being one of the main roads. Priorities, I guess.

The street with the cities namesake is a surreal roller coaster of sounds and colors and emotions. A vast river of complex moments all transpiring on the same path but not with the same destination. Where I go is only the mouth of the river. Where the flow runs calmly due to the "No Cruising" sign I am sure. Where the beat is low but still audible. Newly freed patients walk down the block back towards the west side of town hollarin' at the top of their lungs about nothing at all. High on life. The cats from the veterns hospital don't seem as content though. Sittin' up there in that "smoking section" right above the street. Looking down at everyone with wonder and contempt. I saw a man slumped over in a wheel chair in the middle of the sidewalk. He had headphones on. I wonder what he was listening to? If he was even still alive that is. It might have taken a long time for someone to actually check on him. His story ends there. At a black hole in his reality. All light and truth have been sucked into this void. Must be hard to be so young and so beat. Tortured by sidewalks. Glares. Fear. Pity. Apathy. No connection though. Ant auto-pilot takes over.


Jackie-o-motherfucker - Liberation