Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This year's lineup for Wham City's annual music festival was announced via MySpace bulletin this morning and, good g-d, kittens, roller coasters, and gin don't have jack on a good time like this. Whartscape 2008 runs July 17-20, at "locations throughout Baltimore," Black Dice, Matmos, Celebration, Beach House, Dan Deacon, Parts and Labor, Bird Names, Jana Hunter, the Death Set, the Mae Shi, Skate Dog (Gregg Gillis), Killer Whales, Double Dagger, Thank You, Ponytail, Cex, Teeth Mountain, WZT Hearts, Lexie Mountain Boys, Ecstatic Sunshine, Video Hippos, Leprechaun Catering, the Creepers, and "like 50 more TBA."

According to the bulletin, "exact final lineup, advance ticket sales, locations, and everything else will be announced in the near future. [K]eep your bones hard and your skin fresh."

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