Monday, July 28, 2008

Freak Power

When Duke talks about "Zang" as an experience, I really did not quite grasp the gravity of it all until I felt it's awesome power first hand. I sat for hours during the whole ordeal thinking, "Zang? What the fuck does he mean?". And then....ZANG! No other word really defines it quite so well. It grabbed a hold of me like a strong drawback after a submarine earthquake. I felt such an intense and surreal magnetism towards this mental fault line beneath the waves, coursing through all of my being. Imagine the whole process happening within the blink of an eye. The process was physically gradual but the climax hit faster than William F. Smith hitting the 79th floor of the Empire State building. Faster than the irony of a really bad joke. Weather or not this is was a positive experience, only time will tell.

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