Monday, December 1, 2008

the flood

As she walked towards me I felt the oxygen molecules rush past me,
in a panic,
from her overpowering aura.
Her smile brings a familiar florescent glow.
"two cafes s'il vous...erh...please. Very small. Like Pandora"
My bewilderment overtaking the space my breath once held
Mind reeling from the blow oh her oddly chosen words.
Thoughts flood me like Johnstown
Words remain as ghosts.
One simple phrase transports me out of my plane of reality
into the 10th dimension.
We are one and everything around us at once.
Dream fills the background
creating a spiral of waves and lightning bolts that fill my chest.

Then, as if it had been the faint recollection of an intense R.E.M. dream
the moment ends. All I can see is the black ocean of her hair as she walks away into the decontaminated corridors.

The next person to walk up to me doesn't even look me in the eye.

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