Sunday, March 15, 2009


we fly all around
we wander and we wonder
"where is the lunar landscape of my distressed soul?"
"where are it's deep valleys and expansive craters?"
"where are it's barren landscape devoid of color and life?"
Where aren't...
who knows.
Among the sea of red white a blue
among the vanguards and the trotskites
among the "virtuous" or "just"
among the powerful and oblivious
among the obvious

maybe it's every time i look into her eyes and float in that sea of darkness.
Damn girl that shit is deep like an ocean.
Maybe you'd be cuter if I shot you in the face.
Your body could fall down from the fifth floor
in black and white
as a soft but dark melody is played on piano two floors below
just low enough to be in the background but impactful enough to film

after all this, we wonder if we even knew what it was we are searching for.
can't even get a wage from the bottom of the barrel in this town
why look?
Well I know. Praise be Mummu, the awoken.
You just have to pull the cosmic trigger
right to the forhead

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