Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IL FAUT CONFRONTER LES IDEES VAGUES AVEC DES IMAGES CLAIRES! Instead of mindless chatter and rants about action we need to take it! But we need to be educated on it
first. We need to understand the problem on a rational but realistic level. A revolution is not a beautiful melody. It cannot flow with nature like a calm river. It cannot be understood by a simple glance. One must decide a coarse of action or be dragged down the river with no say in the matter, leaving "fate" to the powers that be. Politics are the beginning of a practical revolutionary action. One cannot assume that if they were to just go with the flow that the river would take them to a place they want to be. The river has it's own intentions. We should take advantage of our ability to choose our paths while we still can before the river chooses for us.

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